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Our auto interior and upholstery experts specialize in automotive work, we can match any factory seat or even add a bit of flare to your auto interior.  We have worked on hot rods, classics, imports, low riders, commercial, and even high end super cars.  Feel free to bring your car, truck, van, or bus by our shop for a free estimate from one of our upholstery installers.  You can also call us anytime during business hours for any quick questions, however it really helps to look at the project and even show you some of our samples at the Las Vegas upholstery shop.

Auto interior upholstery and carpeting

Upholstery ShopOur experts have been working on car interior upholstery for over 20 years combined.  Our location is also a very well known upholstery location, the previous Edwards Auto upholstery shop.  Now re-opened at Nevada Canvas and Upholstery with new management and upholstery experts.  Feel free to bring your vehicle by our shop during business hours, and just let us know how we can help.  We can replace all interior aspects, such as carpet, door panels, dash, seats, headliner, and even center console sections.  As stated above, no job is to big or small we can do it all.  Plus since our shop is very optimized, we can offer you the very best price on all your auto interior upholstery needs.

You can drop off the entire vehicle or we can remove the parts necessary, and let you take the vehicle home if you wish.  Some more DYI clients tend to just bring by a door panel, we can even work with that if needed.  We can even help with commercial aspects, like school bus seats, fire truck seats, and just about anything that has a seat.


Custom made canvas car covers

Custom car coversSure you can always buy a $100 car cover from Walmart or Amazon, but lets face it.  You always get what you pay for.  These are mass produced covers, sometimes one size fits all.  Leaving you with tons of extra material, or not enough for some larger commercial uses.  Let our experts not only help custom fit your vehicle, but with the best possible canvas material.  Re-enforced corners and stitching, with high quality UV Marine grade thread.  Made in a verity of colors and thickness, you can choose how exactly firm or flexible you want it.  If you want to add a little style to your cover, we can customize it however you wish.  Adding racing stripes, two tone, or even some crazy design if your willing to cover the man hours to do so.  That is the best aspect about a custom made car, truck, or van cover.  We can ensure it not only fits, but also has easy access points and matches or meets your desired look.  Plus for commercial clients, we can help with fleet orders if requested.  Just be sure to let our experts know before, so they can factor in the best possible pricing.  Protect your investments in the auto world, with the best possible custom made car cover.

Fleet car covers


Convertible top repair and replacements

Custom convertible topEveryone loves convertible cars, the wind in your hair and the cool night breeze.  But annoying holes can cause noise, and even possible whistling sounds at high speeds.  This can be patched to a point, but then it really starts to look tacky.  We can not only replace, but professionally patch parts depending on how bad the damage is.  We replace the convertible top with our high quality UV Marine grade canvas and thread.  In a wide range of colors and styles, that you can choose from.  Plus we can even replace the small plastic windows, it just helps see the car in person.  So don’t keep dealing with rips or tares in your convertible top, get it replaced or professionally fixed at our local Las Vegas canvas shop.

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