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You might not think recreation when you think of upholstery and canvas. But think about it, if you just look around you will see all sorts of things. From awnings on RVs, to motorcycle covers and seats. We can custom fit, or tailor any design you desire. Our upholstery experts can help answer any questions you might have, simply call our office at 702-547-4652 or swing by during business hours.  Stop by our Las Vegas upholstery shop with your project, and allow our experts to measure and ask questions.  This helps us get an exact quote, and help answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Home and RV canvas awnings

RV canvas awningCamping with a RV is for sure, first class with all the amenities and comfort.  But it’s still nice to sit outdoors and connect a bit with nature, most newer RVs come with a pre-installed awning even.  We can replace the canvas awning if it ever becomes damaged, while also using higher quality material.  Installing an after-market awning is even possible, if for some reason your recreational vehicle is not already pre-installed with one.  Our choice in high quality canvas and thread helps protect against UV rays, and every day wear and tear.  We have a wide selection of material types and styles, to match or customize your look with.


Custom barbecue grill covers

When you go to all the trouble of buying and installing a stainless BBQ grill, why let the weather slowly damage it.  Our high quality canvas material comes in all styles and colors, we re-enforce all corners to prevent tares.  How many times have you ripped or poked a hole in your grill cover, to only ignore it and have it keep getting worse.  Until a point where it serves no purpose, and the weather has no started to damage your grill?

barbecue grill cover


custom made barbecue grill coverWe can even custom create custom barbecue grill covers, to help cover custom installed home grills.  This helps protect not only the grill area, but also counter and bar areas from weather damage.  Think of all the times you have had to clean off this area, to only use it an hour or two.  Now you can help keep your custom home grill clean, with this custom made grill cover.  Made from the highest quality canvas, with a wide range of styles and colors.  This helps match your patio furniture, or porch area.


Custom patio covers and upholstery

Patio furniture coversCustom fit canvas covers for your patio tables, couches and chairs.  If you have a summer or winter home, that you only attend maybe a few months a year.  This is a perfect idea, to help your patio furniture last ten times longer.  Even if your patio upholstery is rated to withstand UV rays, adding a cover will increase the lifetime of the cushions.  We can even re-upholster your patio chairs and couches if needed.  Plus canvas umbrella replacements if needed, are as easy as you dropping them by our shop for a few days.  We can create or match any color you wish, with high quality marine grade canvas.


Deck sail awnings

Deck Sail AwningThis is a modern twist on your basic awning, and has been used in commercial use for years.  Now you are seeing more and more residential customers in stalling this stylish canvas patio cover.  Providing shade in key places, helping you and your family enjoy those hot sunny Las Vegas afternoons in comfort.  They are much easier to install, sometimes only requiring a single poll, then anchored to your house or building in two other places.  We can create any style or thickness you wish, along with transparent plastic windows for side covers with a canvas bottom.  Either way you can always ask our experts for advice, and even ask them to come by for a free estimate if needed.  Plus unlike most retail locations, we can create your canvas any size or thickness you need.  Be smart and protect yourself and family from harmful UV rays, and the heat of the sun.  Helping you make use of that unused patio area during the summers.


Custom motorcycle covers

custom motorcycle coverLets be honest, you always get what you pay for.  Now sure your motorcycle might have came with a cover from the factory.  But we can custom fit a high quality canvas cover, with zippers and flaps in any place you need.  To help with easy access and removal of the motorcycle cover.  We can create the cover in any style, or color you wish.  With two tone, or a nice colored trim for style.  Plus if your the proud owner of a chopper, and seeking a custom made chopper cover.  We can measure your bike, and create your cover by hand in our local shop.  With internal protective leather parts, to help prevent rips and burns.


Motorcycle seat upholstery

Motorcycle seat upholsteryWe can replace that old motorcycle seat with new leather, and high quality UV Marine grade thread.  Helping it last even longer than before, and even add or remove padding.  Just bring the seat by our shop, and let one of our staff know how you want it.  We can add stainless buttons, or any high quality material you want to use for your motorcycle seat upholstery job.  Then once we figure it out, it is only a matter of a few days until it’s ready to be picked up.  Ride in style and comfort, instead of that old ripped seat you have now.

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